Thursday, November 1, 2012

Impossible Possibles in Uyuni

I came face to face with a dinosaur (who I outran)

I played football with a soccer ball ten times my size

We hid quietly in someone's running shoe until they came back to find it

Brenna stepped on our new Canadian friend

I kissed a life-size teddy bear where everyone could see

I shrunk my friends and held them in my hands

And we decided to march into a Pringles container, too.

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the scene for all these possibilities, with crystal white salt until bright blue sky horizons. The blinding sun and reflections off the salt made it very hard to see the preview screen for our cameras, so we couldn't be sure whether we nailed the photos or not until we reviewed them in the car. Once we looked at them, we all laughed and high fived that we managed to capture some impossible moments flawlessly.

Even after an hour of photo taken, we weren't ready to leave the wild landscape.

Travel can bring you to the most amazing places you never even knew existed in the world, and I am so glad I was able to visit this incredible scenery. I'm also glad to know that sometimes, the impossible IS possible with a little creativity.


  1. THE BEST! I'm so happy we were able to do this tour together...

    1. @Brenna - yo tambien! it (really) wouldn't have been the same without you.

  2. These are so fun! My friend and I also got creative with our photos when we visited salt flats in Northern Argentina. Your shots reminded me of that trip! ;D

  3. You people are so clever! I really enjoyed it like none other.

  4. One of my most favorite places in the world! AWESOME shots!!!!!

  5. Its not a dinosaur, you just found... GODZILLAAAA !!!

  6. Haaaaaaa! Those pictures are brilliant. :D Love them!

  7. These are the coolest f-ing pictures I've seen in ages! At first I thought you'd photoshopped them but then I looked closer. So holy-jaysus amazing. I want to be there! What a beautiful landscape; it's like another world.

  8. Great pics! Uyuni is on the short list of things that I missed in South America. I'll get back there one day!


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