I love to share my experiences through photos and words at every chance I have. If you are interested in having me write a piece for you, please email me at

Published Articles

Gwangju News, Burma Photo Essay
Gwangju News, How to Pack Light
SpeakEasy Seoul, Plan B (August 2011)
Gwangju News, Dating in Korea
Gwangju News, Top Ten Activities for Your Korean Winter
Gwangju News, Feeling the Seasons
Gwangju News, Charmed in Ecuador

Guest Blog Posts

ThatBackpacker: There's A Place In... The Galapagos Islands
Waegook Tom : Korean street food 
This Battered Suitcase : Kerri's Seoul


  1. loved your Guest Post on That Backpacker. The Tortoise looked huge!

    1. Thank you! The tortoises of the Galapagos *were* huge!


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