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I first taught myself to read hangul in 2006, and I have been teaching myself how to speak Korean since 2009, and I am proud that I can now communicate confidently in this language after many, many hours of self studying.

Here are the two best websites I used to teach myself Korean:

Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com

http://www.koreanclass101.com/ Korean Class 101

Truly an amazing resource for all Korean language learners. I use the podcasts from this site and keep them on my phone so I can listen anywhere I go. Though this site offers only the basic privileges for its non-paying members, you can still listen to all of their lessons and stories in Korean. You won't be able to access the PDF files for the lessons, however, which means you might struggle to understand some of the words (or spellings) in the early lessons. I used this site to go from kitchen Korean (random words and a few basic phrases) to a functional basic conversational level of Korean, and I highly recommend their lessons.

http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/  Talk To Me In Korean

This website is the great vision and labour of love of my good friend (who happens to be a polyglot himself) Hyunwoo Sun. Since he knows what works to learn a language, he provides a variety of meaningful, fun, exciting, and intriguing ways to introduce language to his learners. Plus the staff are wonderful and they will answer any questions you have in the comment section of every lesson.

The best book for absolute beginners:

"Survival Korean" by Stephen Revere

I adore this book. It taught me how to read and write the Korean alphabet (including stroke order) all the way to how to compliment a stranger on a bus. I partially credit this book creating in me the desire to become fluent in Korean. The text itself is straightforward and offers sample conversations right from the first chapter, so you're never left wondering how to do or say simple words. It is also full of cultural tips and every chapter has writing practice to make sure you've understood the material correctly. When you finish with this book, you'll be able to communicate at a low level in nearly all situations you encounter in Korean. Get this book if you're serious about learning Korean.

YouTube Videos by Kerri about Learning Korean

How I Taught Myself Korean:

Why did I start learning Korean:

Learning Korean Resources:


  1. Loving the posts. I've been on and off korean for 1 year. Got the basic small talk down. really inspirational. Awesome Travels
    ~Sefora MapleTraveler

    1. I'm glad you're learning. It's a hard language to master but it's pretty great to be able to share even simple exchanges!

  2. So I've decided that I want to move to korea after completing a few years in college in America and I was wondering if I go to Korea how will I apply for a job, and if I want to rent a home/apartment do I need to know hangual? And how will I communicate with other people because I plan on staying there for a very long time and maybe settle down over there. Please help or make a video for these kind of tips

  3. Please help me with that!!^^

  4. if it's not too indiscreet, which kind of job do you do ? (sorry, my english is really really bad :/) i would like to know because i would like to to a kind of job who ask me to travel.


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