Friday, March 2, 2012

Feeling at Home

Throughout my travels, I've been faced with the question of where home is many times. It's clear to me now that Korea is indeed my home, and it has been for a while.

It is my base: where I work, where I relax, where I dine, where I laugh, where I love, where I live.

On my flight back after my recent travels, I wondered how many other non-Koreans on the plane consider Korea to be their home. It seems to me that nationality doesn't make a home, but rather it's a connection we feel with a place.

My connection with Korea seems quite natural to me now. I express myself comfortably using this language, and I even prefer the food here to what I grew up with. Sometimes it seems that part of me was always here, and it just took me moving here to find that part of myself. My friends here tell me my sense of humour is Korean, and sometimes they even say I'm Korean. It's such a big part of me now, this place.

Can any place become a home to us, if we are in the right mind and spirit to adapt to it?

This photo shows my temporary home away from home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, courtesy of old friends Boom & Ryan.


  1. My college friend consider himself Seoulite but he been there for a while (over 7 years) teaching English. I don't think he has the passion for Korea as you do which is unfortunately. Keep up good work:)

  2. "I am not from the Unites States, the Earth is my country and the world is my playground" -Charly (I know exactly how you feel I think I will really del the way you do when I got to my next destination)

  3. Hey, I came across your blog through Brenna's 'This Battered Suitcase'! I've only been living in Korea for a month, but I can relate to the feeling. This place has started feeling like home so much faster than I ever expected. Seoul has captured my heart!

    1. wow! welcome to my blog, and to korea! seoul is a pretty amazing city to live in!! i imagine you'll only grow more fond of it as you continue living there :)


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