Sunday, May 6, 2012

trip of a lifetime plan

in early july, i'll be setting out on the trip of a lifetime with my travel partner brenna. we've already had several eye-opening trips together, but this one will be completely different.

we've been in romania, bulgaria, turkey, japan, korea, thailand, and burma together as travelers.

our other trips together have been limited by time, since we'd both had jobs and obligations.

our other trips had clear beginnings and ends, since we'd be expected to show up for work upon returning.

our other trips were less than a month each, so we didn't have much time to stay longer in locations that we liked.

the next trip that we embark on will be totally different than the others, since neither of us have jobs to return to or plane tickets home. since neither of us have any obligations bringing us back to any point in the world at any given time in the near future. since neither of us want nor need to be at a certain point by a certain date, we are free to start working at a hostel in a city we fancy, or start volunteering somewhere for a while if we want to. this trip is truly the most free either of us have ever been, and that is why we can call it the trip of a lifetime.

also we're going to central and south america, where neither of us have ever been.

i have been actively exploring the shape and quality of my wanderlust since 2006, and only now will i really see the extent of my true capacity to travel and live. and what better way to do that than with my best friend.

it's time to travel.


  1. infinite yeeeyy!! hahaha

    It's very smilingly to read this!
    Please Kerri, share that with us. Personally I've been truly inspired by you, for travelling around the world. I like that spirit of not pertaining to no country or culture, with so many things to learn and see.

    I hope everything goes well for your trip. Aaaand(!) say hello if you're in Rio! o/

  2. thank you raphael ~ i'll definitely be coming to rio, and i don't know anything about the city except for the famous statue of christ the redeemer ^^ maybe you can give us some tips on places to visit!

  3. How exciting! I look forward to your posts/videos about your adventures! :)
    I hope we see you before you leave..

  4. sounds like a grand adventure!

  5. yes!! of course! I'll search and take note of some places. It'll be great since sometimes I'm still a tourist here, because I've been here just for 2 and a half years. You can count on me for that. The city's pretty huge.
    And about the language, coming with your french and bit of spanish, that's enough notion of portuguese to start.

  6. Kerri, i've just seen your Q&A with expatkerri "How long will you be in korea?"

    Maybe you'd like, for reflection purposes ^^

  7. I seriously can't wait. I had a similar freedom last year in SE Asia, but this year will be totally different - I will have you by my side. What could be better?!

  8. OMG you've been in Romania and I didn't know TT.TT

  9. @Dee - yes! i was in Romania back in 2008, and i really enjoyed it. the beautiful scenery was breathtaking :)

  10. @Kerri: where exactly have you been?

  11. Central and South America? Fab! :D I'm genuinely adoring your blog right now.


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