Saturday, July 21, 2012

of rice and beans (or "the magical fruit of central america")

since coming to central america three weeks ago, i've been eating a lot of gallo pinto. gallo pinto is rice and beans mixed together with seasoning, and it's a vegetarian's dream food.

fantastically yummy gallo pinto with an omelet and toast in little corn, nicaragua

the gorgeous presentation prize goes to cafe liberia, in libera, costa rica

the best gallo pinto i've had yet has to be this one pictured above, from a restaurant in the tiny coastal village of cahuita, in costa rica. a pile of rice, beans, tortillas and salsa topped off with fresh guacamole? well, if you insist...

a bit part of traveling is trying local foods, and now that we're in panama i'm already longing for costa rican gallo pinto. of course we're still eating rice and beans, but they aren't quite as ubiqutous as they were across the border. i've heard that the rice and beans trend continues in a variety of forms throughout south america too, and i certainly hope i can keep eating this delicious food.

have you tried costa rican gallo pinto?

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  1. I don't think I ever had Costa Rican gallo pinto, but I've definitely had Nicaraguan gallo pinto! I normally detest beans, but I had to make an exception for such a delicious dish!!

  2. @Erica - i think costa rican and nicaraguan gallo pinto are quite similar, from what i could tell. both were delicious and very plentiful :) thanks for commenting.

  3. I love gallo pinto! I went to Costa Rica in 08' and ate it everyday!

  4. For sure the rice and beans trend continues. At least in Brazil it's kind of an everyday meal, with local variations of course. It's cheap and nutritious. I can say fruits with it aren't common in the southeast region, it also seems strange to me, hehe.

  5. gallo pinto changes a lot from country to country in central america but its delicious nonetheless. you posted this is the right moment because i am on vacation in central america right now! (i'm in the dominican republic) can't wait to eat dominican gallo pinto.

  6. Costa Rican gallo pinto is the best!

  7. I never knew how much I'd come to love rice and beans before moving here. :D Mexican style is generally rice and refried beans with tortillas. Drool-worthy!


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