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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Japanese Convenience Store

TOKYO, 2011


walking into a japanese convenience store is like stepping into a new world. i remember being so impressed by the sheer amount of choice when it came to drinks, it took me about 10 minutes to decide what to buy. i always chose something new every time to really experience the variety of available drinks.

the stores are also nicely lit, and have a nice atmosphere for exploring, and the products are so attractively labelled it's hard to choose just one.

though i did experiment, my personal favourite is still the read-to-go Royal Milk Tea. it's the perfect cup of tea, in a bottle, and you buy it hot. all the deliciousness of a cuppa prepared at home without even boiling water.

i could really go for a Royal Milk Tea now.

it just makes me want to be back in asia that much more.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

turning tokyo ( going to 東京)

7 months ago I visited Tokyo for the first time with my good friend. We got lost, ate ramyun, and were often confused by Japanese signs. We even rode the subway all the way to the airport by accident on our second day. We also took lots of photos like this:

Tomorrow, I leave for my second visit to Tokyo. This time, I'm going with someone I love. That someone also speaks Japanese. I can't wait!!!

I am so glad that even though this is only a 3-day trip, I can still feel the rush of travel whirring though me as I start to pack. Lots of cherry blossom videos coming up, just for you.

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