Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Video: First days in Colombia

it's only our second day here in Cartagena, Colombia

we're both already in love with the beautiful old city, its graffiti, and its friendly faces

if today is any indication...
it seems Colombia will be living up to its reputation as one of
the best countries for travel in all of South America


  1. This street looks amazing! I've found some pretty cool pockets of street art in places like Montreal and Buenos Aires, but they pale in comparison to this!

  2. @Audrey - buenos aires you say? well brenna and i will have to find it! i just love these moments of stumble upon beauty when strolling in a new city ^^ thanks for commenting!

  3. Also, you should find some other stumble upon treats like this in Chile!! I went berserk in Santiago...


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