Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you ever...

Do you ever click out of your life for a few days, just waking up, going along with the day, and falling back asleep?

Do you ever feel like sometimes you forget where you are, for want of the past, or dreams of the future?

Do you ever then, suddenly, click back into your life after feeling away for a few days, and look upon it with new eyes? With wonder, gratitude, and awe?

I feel like this right now, as I look back upon my photos from the past week.

Sometimes it's a simple case of becoming truly conscious of where you are which helps you appreciate it. There's nothing wrong with clicking in and out of life; it's how we manage to do our daily business without our hearts exploding over the miracles of language, breath, and memory.

I hope, for you, that you can take a moment today to feel conscious and grateful of where you are.

Ipiales, Colombia

Otavalo, Ecuador

Las Lajas Church, Ipiales, Colombia

Otavalo, Ecuador

Popayan, Colombia


  1. A princess llama! Or alpaca?! That is one of the cutest things I've seen.

    I need to remind myself more often to be grateful about life in Korea. I have my slump days every once in a while, but the country has been good to me. :)

  2. Wonderful thoughts Kerri... I'm definitely needing to "click in" right now.

  3. Loved princessa llama!!!! That beach in Columbia is a paradise! All the best Kerri.


  4. @Audrey - i loved that llama, or alpaca, or princess, whatever it was :) i hope korea keeps getting better and better for you.

    @julia - thanks. i hope you're fully clicked in on oct.6th!!

    @Brandon - thanks so much for reading~ all the best to you too.

  5. Nice blog! I love Korean fashion trends. Keep on posting.

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