Sunday, September 16, 2012

inbetweens and constant things

quick moments with the hummingbirds of cocoura, colombia

the reality of travelling for an extensive period is that many of the fundamental elements of your life become fleeting.

the friends you meet are exciting and strange, but as they are near the end of their trip and you at the beginning of yours, the time your paths cross is limited.

the great hostel bed that you find, (with fluffy pillows and a heavy duvet the way you like it), is only yours for a few nights.

the souvenirs, alluring and colourful, become tokens of places and moments which we can't keep living.

the delight you find on a new island of beautiful creatures and crystal clear seas brings joy to your heart, and makes you so happy to be there, but not without a tinge of sadness that it can't last forever.

the best plate of guacamole of your life makes your tastebuds leap for lemon heaven, and though you eat the same dish for the next 4 days straight, the road is calling, and you have to leave.

in ecuador, i sit and wonder, am i not like the hummingbird? flying still for moments over one flower or branch, only to catch a glimpse of the next flower to taste.

through all the motions, the packings/unpackings/repackings, the "ciaos" and the "holas", the gazings out bus windows... through all the changes, it seems the constant elements of your life appear stronger, and more constant, than ever.

for me, the constant element i feel strongly now is my family. when i call home, i love hearing about the repairs to the roof and the cat taking his medicine. i love the constancy and routine of the life my parents live, and wonder a bit myself when i might have such constancy in my life.


  1. I watched the video you took at this hummingbird haven. What a cool spot! I can't wait to visit Colombia now...
    I know exactly what you mean about talking to family. I feel the same way when I talk to my family while I am on the road. There is some strange comfort in knowing dad is cutting the grass... again.

  2. @Colleen - thanks. i'm glad you also feel the same comfort as i do upon hearing about the little things that are happening at home.

  3. OMG this pic is amaaaaazing!!!!!!! What I find interesting is that it took traveling the world, sometimes jetting off to 2 countries in 1 month while in Grad School to really and fully appreciate putting down roots. Before it gave me anxiety, but now I can't wait to put my roots down.

  4. @Andi - thank you! the hummingbirds were so hard to capture... but i like the movement of this shot too. and yes, roots seem really lovely to me too now.

  5. Hi Kerri! I just found your blog and I'm wondering (maybe inappropriately), how much does a 6 month trip through South America cost? It's really one of my dreams to travel South and Central America. How much should I save? thanks, I love your videos!


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